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In the Chelmsford Diocese there is a network of 70+ branches with members of all ages. Married or single, separated and divorsed and we have a couple of branches led by men.

Membership is open to anyone, male or female, single or married, of any faith or none and we welcome all who wish to support us; there being three alternative ways of doing this - Branch membership, Diocesan membership and Friend.  Whichever way you choose, you will be able to share in the work of the Mothers’ Union.

Branch membership

Many people join a branch attached to a local Parish Church after meeting a member of the branch or through the parish priest. Branches meet regularly to pray and support members and to engage in a wide range of activities.

Diocesan membership

In every Church of England Diocese there are Diocesan Members who may not be able to attend branch meetings. Diocesan Members receive updates about local Mothers’ Union work and support the wider community at diocesan level.

Friend of Mothers' Union

For those who have not been baptised in the name of the Holy Trinity or don't wish to be a full member but who wish to support our work. This category receives all the benefits of being a member but a Friend cannot stand for office at Diocesan Level or above. 

As part of membership subscription, currently around £20.00, members receive regular copies of Roundabout, a 15 page publication featuring local news and the work of Mothers’ Union around the Diocese with updates and a letter from the Diocesan President.

Mothers’ Union also publishes a bi-monthly top quality glossy magazine Families First.

We also have a new provincial website published. It is an ongoing project, Please see here:

If you want to know your nearest branch, or more about becoming a member of Mothers’ Union, contact:

Judith Meaden                                                                                                                          Diocesan President                                                                                                                         01992 769644                                                                                                                    DPChelmsford:  01992 769644;

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