Spring MU Council 2018

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 9 May 2018, 10:51

The Cathedral bathed in light...

The Cathedral bathed in light...

Somewhere around 50+ people joined together at 7.30 in the Chapterhouse on 1st May 18 for the Spring Diocesan MU Council, led by our President Judith Meaden. We had the usual agenda of Welcome and Apologies, Minutes of the 6th November meeting and Matters arising. The Unit Reports had been written and were available and questions could have been presented.

The President’s Report was interesting, saying that Judith Meaden received over 50% of the vote for her remaining The Diocesan President for the next term. Unfortunately, it fell to Judith to enlighten everyone about the Data Protection Regulations coming into force very soon which means that no one is allowed to keep on view any personal information of any MU members both present and past. All computer information must be either protected by passwords or deleted. Document information must be securely locked away too. Judith assured everyone that is was not her doing but we have to be seen to be making the greatest effort to keep everyone’s information totally secure.

We had a lovely talk/discussion lead by Lucy Bubb about Mothering Sunday Worship… She said that liturgy produced by the Mothers’ Union could have been used and it was quite fascinating to hear how other churches celebrated Mothering Sunday –

Lucy Bubb contacted me after the Council Meeting to recommend anyone interested can watch a youtube video setting out all the Mothers’ Union work… You can watch the video here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kERCG7y52mc&feature=share

We had a discussion about Gift Aid and the wonderful work our money goes too, followed by another discussion on the MU project ‘English for Women’ and all the work and money involved – work that you can give a donation too if you wish.

The meeting ended beautifully with Compline… By the time we left it was quite dark and I managed to get a beautiful picture of the Cathedral bathed in light. Joan

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