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God's wonders

God's wonders

My Dear Friends: I always think of one of my favourite hymns, ‘How Great Thou Art’, when I see spring breaking forth again after the dark and cold of winter. As I sit writing this, the glory of God’s nature is all around me in the daffodils and the green buds beginning to show in the bushes and trees. The snowdrops are finished but they had broken through in my garden in the middle of January and were such a welcome sight, giving me hope that spring was just around the corner. The daffodils, in bloom now, give me confidence that warmer, longer days are on their way. These remind me of the theme this year, ‘Building Hope and Confidence’. It’s important for us to build hope with confidence, not only in ourselves but in those we serve and so the theme is at the heart of our call to support individuals and families - to have the opportunity to transform their lives. As we build our hope and confidence in God, we will be inspired and equipped to build them in others, and, as we live out our faith; we build hope and confidence in ourselves and those we support; as we continue to walk forward in step with God.

Confidence is a gift of God’s Spirit and our own confidence grows out of our reliance on Him and I’m reminded of another hymn - ‘All our hope in God is founded’. If we put our trust in Him, we can be confident in our success for He is our foundation for building hope and confidence. It’s important for us to recognise all that we, as members, do to care for families locally and globally and knowing what is being achieved, and what we can do to further those achievements, allows us to be confident that other goals can be attained.

Following on from MULOA, MU centrally has made the decision to concentrate on three main issues. Gender Justice: empowering women and girls, having a voice and influence and being positive gender roles; Peace and Safety: keeping people safe from harmful practices and being involved with reconciliation and conflict resolution and Self Reliance: enabling others to have the necessary skills for life; ensuring stable livelihoods and helping with literacy and education.

Under the heading ‘MU Live’, members and branches are being asked to ‘tell their story’ of how they are working in these areas. In the diocese, we held two events in February at which branch officers had the opportunity to meet and work with each other and discuss who and how they are reaching out in their communities. It was great to have twenty-two branches involved; thank you to everyone who contributed and especially to Billericay and St Helen & St Giles, Rainham, who hosted the events.

By the time you read this, Bishop Stephen, our Diocesan Bishop, will have held his last service here in the diocese. We are grateful to him for his support over the past years and we remember him and Rebecca in our prayers as he takes up his new role as Archbishop of York. We were pleased to be able to present him with a gift on behalf of all of us.

My love to each of you and, as the summer months draw nearer…. Enjoy! Judith x

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Comment 1 | From: Jackie eastland | Date: 21 April 2020, 07:55

Thank you for the email which I read this morning..my I t skills are very limited, so I sent a text to one member and I will phone our other member on the landline later today..I hope this works...

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