Seven days of Prayer

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Sunday, 28 February 2021, 10:18

Let us unite in seven days of Prayer.

Let us unite in seven days of Prayer.

M: Motivation: Loving Lord, help us to pray with motivation and enthusiasm for all those women who feel alone, afraid and betrayed.

O: Objective: Encourage us Father to pray in an objective manner for all women, no matter what faith, an alternative faith or of no faith at all.

T: Together: Dear God, may families work together to create stable relationships based on the words of Jesus for telling us to ‘love one another as He loved us.’

H: Help: Heavenly Father even though our world is standing still at the moment, help us to stay positive and use this time to pray for all the souls that have been lost to this pandemic.

E: Earnest: Oh Lord, let us pray with earnest for all those who have lost their soul-mate over the last year, may they find comfort in the happy memories of their loving relationship.

R: Resolve: Father, make us ever more resolved and determined to help those women who are in a position whereby they cannot help themselves.

S’: Service: Lord give us the grace, willpower and unbiased aim to be of service to you first, then to the plight of those women who cannot see their way forward.


U: Under your wing: Loving Lord, keep those of us who are striving to help others, who are facing adversity, sustained and protected under your wing.

N: Nothing: Dear God, thank you for all you give us, our families, our friends, our church and the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Everything is yours; we have nothing to give you in return but our hearts.

I: Inspire: Lord, inspire us to look to the future, and to hope in time that the Mothers’ Union grows stronger. Our young members are the future, plant in them a purpose to carry the MU forward.

O: Only You: Only You, our loving Lord can keep us focused on trying to help those women at home and abroad whose lives are at risk from hunger, disease and abuse.

N: Now: Heavenly Father, now is the time for us all to look to our unbiased willpower, our purpose in life, for us to be objective with an aim to inspiring others to do your will… Amen

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