Reflections from October 19

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Thursday, 7 November 2019, 07:56

Autumn Days

Autumn Days

From retreats to Prayer meetings. Sojourns and pilgrimages. He kept feeding the Spirit. So, step out in faith, when He calls you for faithful is, He who is calling. He will do much more than you can ask or imagine -Just like so. - Kemi

Let us pray for Christian Aid week that people feel compelled to be generous once again for the sake of those who have very little.

Dear Lord God… We pray for all those people who have been affected by the adverse weather conditions here and around the world. Amen

I have no concerns about the future of the MU because it has a positive role in the church. The MU is there to highlight the need for the church to support children, families and young people and it is important to encourage these groups to include God in their lives. Revd Eileen Rose.

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