Reflections from July 18

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 1 August 2018, 11:34

Reflections from July 18

Reflections from July 18

Please Pray for the people of Kenya who are suffering a long drought and many Christians are being attacked for the little food they have stored and many are having their homes burned down, they need our thoughts and prayers…

In this quarter’s newsletter there is an interesting piece and a couple of lovely photographs of Judith and those MU members who were invited along to the Royal Garden Party at the very end of May, I feel sure they enjoyed their day…

Please pray for the Thai boys and their coach who are still trapped in the waterlogged caves, pray for all those who are working around the clock to bring them up to safety, to treat them in hospital and to comfort those who wait for their safe return.

The Privacy Policy dated July 2018 can be downloaded as a PDF file. To find the Privacy Policy once this article has left the front of the website press ‘blog’ on the blue strap across the top of the website and the most recent list of articles will appear… If it is not available on that list go to ‘tags’ at the right of the page and click on ‘Posters & Press’ and the Privacy Policy will become available for you to read or download. If you have any problems finding the Privacy Policy contact – Joan Vine by email:

On Wednesday, 11th July in the Basildon Deanery there was a Dedication Service for their new Deanery Banner. Pauline Randall.

St Ignatius was beatified in 1609, and then canonised, receiving the title of Saint in 1622. His feast day is celebrated on July 31st and he is the patron saint of the Basque regions of Gipuzkoa and Biscay as well as the Jesuit Order and soldiers.

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