Reflections from April 18

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 2 May 2018, 11:53

Reflections from April 18

Reflections from April 18

Happy Easter – Easter Blessings to all our Mothers’ Union members both here in the Chelmsford Diocese around the United Kingdome and throughout the World – He Is Risen Indeed­-Alleluia!

In this quarter’s newsletter you will find an article entitled MULOA - “Mothers’ Union Listening, Observing, Acting”. The MU Listens to God and others; and Judith is keen to hear all members’ views. Please do let her know your thoughts and views.

The story of English for Women is an outstanding project set up at Chelmsford Cathedral in 2015 to help women who speak little or no English develop their communication skills and further integrate into their local communities.

The film 'Mary Magdalene' is an authentic portrayal of one of the most misjudged characters in the history of the bible. The film tells the story of the young woman called Mary who gives up all to follow the charismatic figure of Jesus of Nazareth, and she quickly finds her way into the midst of Jesus’ most ardent followers of the time.

Consider all the millions of artists, sculptors, poets, musicians, composers and hymn writers. All the Christian authors, the soloists, groups and choirs, that sing of God’s glory. The many amazing tapestries and needle craft items that have been fashioned. Members of the Mothers' Union, all inspired by Christ’s birth, life, death and ascension.

Lynne Tembey, Mothers’ Union’s Worldwide President, believes it is important that Mothers’ Union, which represents four million members globally, engages with this prayer initiative, “Prayer is at the heart of everything we strive to achieve. “As a worldwide organisation that seeks to share the love of God through our work with families and communities, we gladly join together to pray Thy Kingdom Come.

St Philomena: Three tiles which enclosed the tomb of St Philomena bore the inscription “Pax Tecum Filumena” meaning “Peace be with you, Philomena”. She is the patron saint of babies, infants and youths and her feast day is August 11th.

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