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posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 1 April 2020, 19:46

Trust in Him

Trust in Him

Olukemi Ademola from Emmanuel Parish Church, Leyton, recommends that we need to trust Him and listen out for His still small voice. He has succeeded in getting our, as well as the world’s attention and hopefully, we will have a new way of living after this experience. Olukemi said that her branch of the Mother’s Union started a prayer cycle for Lent, so they pray on prayer watches. She admits that when God laid the idea upon her heart, she wasn’t too sure how it would work out, especially the 3.00am slot… So, she shared it with a member who has since retired back home to Grenada and still has a relationship and link to her branch at St John’s Grenada.

Olukemi was so very encouraged when she heard that the retired member and a sister from her branch in Grenada volunteered for the Midnight and 3.00am prayer slot. She also said that the prayer cycle has been a source of strength and encouragement during these very difficult times adding that God sure put something in place for her members lonely days, she thanks God that they had intensified their prayers before the storm hit -

Olukemi Ademola The Branch Chair of Emmanuel Parish Church, Leyton, London..

Her anchor scriptures are Isaiah 45:22 and Numbers 31: 49 and she shares them with you all with the Love of Christ

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