Meet the President in Chelmsford.

posted by: Joan | on: Wednesday, 6 April 2016, 14:33

Judith wants to inspire us all

Judith wants to inspire us all

It was great to see a good number of people gathered at Guy Harlings in the heart of Chelmsford to meet our newly commissioned President Judith Meaden. The meeting started prompt at 7.30pm with prayers, before we plunged into a matching game which tested our knowledge and memories of the Mothers’ Union and its work. Providing the answers to the game helped us learn more about the work of the MU, it also helped us to learn who’s who in the MU and to put names to the work they do… One item in particular came to light which was the fact that we cannot give donations from funds to other charities! For example: If you have a speaker at a MU meeting from a charity and you wish to give them a donation then you have to hold a collection at the meeting as opposed to giving them a donation from MU funds. We also discussed at some length some of the problems that can occur when yearly subs are due. One member said that they hold a special ‘tribute day’ when everyone comes along and pays their subs, which is a brilliant idea for other branches to consider perhaps?

After refreshments and a welcome buffet so kindly provided for us, Judith spoke briefly about what inspires her about the MU. She said that the MU had helped well over half a million people last year plus, gave help to many thousands more who will never know. She praised the work of the literacy programme saying how wonderful it must be for people who couldn’t read, to now be able to do so thanks to the wonderful work of the Mothers’ Union. Judith is passionate about the work of the Mothers Union and always manages to leave her listeners inspired to carry on the work that Mary Sumner started 140years ago…

Our interesting matching game!

Our interesting matching game!

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