Grace of Giving.

posted by: Joan Vine | on: Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 11:34

We are give Grace from God

We are give Grace from God

The Mothers union is all about helping and supporting those who are suffering in one way or another. At the 2017 Christmas Appeal the MU called on members to help women who have experienced violence from their partners get their lives back together, and from the 2018’s raffle, thanks to the wonderful donations given by the likes of YOU, people here and across the world are receiving the care and support they so desperately need. Your donations are also helping to make long-term differences to many of the most vulnerable children across the world, because of the loss of their parents, sickness, abuse or hunger.

We here in the MU are very aware of our constant request for money at all times of the year. Money that goes to those who have very little or indeed nothing. But I am often reminded (by my husband) that – ‘If you have shoes on your feet, clothes on your back, food in your cupboard, a roof over your head and a little bit of money in the bank then you are reckoned to be among the richest 6% of people in the world’.

In my own church, St Mary’s in Broomfield we produce a weekly newsletter and we added a bit to our ‘Foodbank’ notice after Christmas saying how much we appreciate the generosity of all those who donated to this worthy cause, but to remember that people still go hungry in the months following Christmas, so please continue to support the foodbank – God bless and thank you!

If you know you are one among the richest 6% of people in the world, please feel the urge to support those who need your Grace of Giving – If you feel so…, please click on the link below and print out the PDF letter that can accompany your much needed and always appreciated donation – God bless and thank you always…

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